When I Die

I don’t plan to die any time soon, but if I do I wrote a poem about my requests when I do end up dying.

Dying is such a cliche topic and I’ve never understood why. Maybe it’s the way I was raised, maybe it’s my blunt personality. Either way, dying is a natural part of life and, to me, simply a gateway from this world to another. Whatever you believe in, dying shouldn’t be imaged as something to fear. If there isn’t any kind of afterlife, no need to worry–you’ll just receive eternal sleep instead.

I realized recently that I’ve never been to a “traditional” funeral. The last celebration of life I went to it was requested not to wear black, there was music, humorous stories. I don’t want my death to be surrounded by pain or guilt or despair.

People do have the right to accept death in whatever way they want, but I believe so much stress and fear would be removed from death if we just accepted the naturalness of it. Speaking of death–saying the word death–should not be a whispered thing. We should speak openly of death just like we speak of food, friends, family, love. Death is just a part of life.


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Why We Shouldn’t Force Merry Christmas

It’s that time of year again! One thing fills my newsfeed: the never ending debate between wishing someone a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” Although I don’t want to admit to this “debate” being one-sided, I find myself witnessing more arguments over the “Merry Christmas” side of things. Let’s delve into the history of Christmas and discuss other holidays celebrated this time of year in order to decide which is more socially acceptable: “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.”

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Why You Should’ve Voted


With the 2014 Election results finally in, many people are disappointed with the outcome of the voting process. Conservatives taking both the House and Senate, America is now bleeding red while liberals find themselves in the minority. Surprisingly, though, voter turnout this year was at record lows, and the results could easily be linked to that statistic. With less and less young people voting, more conservatives over the age of sixty are, and that fact alone could easily cause a switch in party control. Did you vote this year? If not, here’s why you should, and–if you did–here’s some reminders.

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