Why Girls Should Look Up To Ruby Rose

Since her breakout role on Netflix’s original series Orange is the New Black, actress, model, and singer Ruby Rose has found herself adored by fans and the media alike. Though I myself have never taken time to watch an episode of Orange is the New Black, seeing pictures and videos of this so-called “Ruby Rose” immediately caught my attention on my social media newsfeed. Not only is she a gorgeous woman who has many talents, but she is a gorgeous woman who is heavily tattooed, androgynistic, and gay, who is still praised by the media and people worldwide.

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The Importance of Journaling


I’m sure every single one of you reading this have journaled at least once in your life. Whether you viewed it as a “diary” a “journal” or maybe even a “scrapbook,” journaling is something that I view as a very important part of my life and I find it essential in keeping a level head and storing memories to reflect on in my future years. I’ve been journaling (or diary-ing–is that even a word? doesn’t sound nearly as cool…) since elementary school, as most kids do. I picked it back up my freshman year of high school with rather funny intentions that my friends and myself find kinda amusing now. Now, I journal for the reasons I plan on writing about to you all today in hopes to spread the popularity of journaling in order to help you live a better life.

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High School: A Memoriam

I’ve been absent from my blog the past two weeks for one major reason: I’ve just graduated high school (cue fireworks). It’s amazing how slow these past thirteen years seemed to me though, as I was sitting among my classmates waiting to hear my name called to receive my diploma, I realized that they had truly–as everyone had told me all along the way–passed by in the blink of an eye. From my first day of kindergarten to my final day sitting among my classmates, so many things had happened to me, molding me into the person I am today.

Most of my life-changing experiences thus far have happened during the four short years I spent in high school and I would like to share them all with you today. Whether you’re a real grown-up and completely done with school, an older person who’s lived to see many things, or a rising freshman in high school, this post is for you.

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Dorm Decor: My Favorite Websites

Moving away to college this fall is stressful for me on so many levels. I remain the most anxious about dorm living, specifically how my room is going to look. Now that I know where I’m living, who I’m living with, and what kind of bathroom situation I have, I feel a little more comfortable about taking the big transition from bedroom to dorm room.

Considering this will be my home for 9-10 months out of the year, I figured I should look into cute ways to personalize it. Since it took me roughly three years to get my current room to please me, I’ve been stressing about my dorm since my junior year of high school. Crazy, right? Now that I have a picture in my head of how I want my room to look, I have something a little more important to worry about: money. It’s no secret that college students (or rising in this case) are broke, so how am I possibly going to find what I want for a decent price?

After browsin’ the ‘net, I have my heart set on five different websites that I would like to introduce you all to for dorm–or any kind of room, for that matter–decor. Keep in mind, though, that if you can’t afford it, just make it. If the object is going to be cheaper as a DIY, you can add your own touches and spare your wallet without waiting for you new decor to arrive in the mail (score!). I’ll shut up now and introduce you to my favorite websites.


I’m pretty sure everyone knows–or at least has heard of–Pinterest. If you don’t have this cool form of social media, go make an account right now! Pinterest is a great way to find things that interest you (hence the name, probably) such as do-it-yourself projects, clothes, quotes, etc. Most “pins” also serve as a direct link to the product or tutorial they are advertising. This is a great way to find both inspiration and the directions or product for something you are seeking. You have the ability to pin things that you like and “follow” your friends to see what they like as well, furthering your ideas. Two boards of mine that are super helpful when planning for college are my College & Dorm and DIY boards.

P.S. If you search “college” on Pinterest, you can find links to websites providing lists of stores/places that provide discounts to college students. Super helpful!

Apartment Therapy

My dad–yes, my dad–introduced me to this website. Though it’s name includes “apartment” there’s one thing that both apartments and dorms have in common: lack of space. Apartment Therapy provides a plethora of ideas on how to decorate and personalize small spaces. Looking for something more dorm specific? They actually have a Dorm Room page that has trendy teen/young adult styles as well as posts devoted to reaching a dorm room look for under a set price. Plus, Apartment Therapy also provides links to objects used for their tutorials, so you are just a click away from the room of your dreams!


ModCloth is Urban Outfitters except a hell of a lot better. I’ll warn you, though, ModCloth is pricier. I enjoy looking at their decor products still because they can provide inspiration for a future DIY project of mine. If I happen to find something that I can’t live without, however, I could splurge a bit for it, though, right?


I stumbled upon Society6 via Pinterest and fell in love immediately. Though Society6 is on the higher end of my budget regarding decor, they have an assortment of reasonably priced items as well. This company’s uniqueness derives from the fact that one design is available on multiple products (if not all of the products they offer). This makes it super easy to find cute hipster-isque things printed on multiple platforms. Consistency doesn’t stop here, though. Prices remain the same within the same product line. For instance, all of their throw pillow covers are $20 regardless of the print or style of them. This way you can enjoy whatever style you like and not be worried about an inflation of price!


This is, by far, my favorite place to buy things for a dorm room. While their products lack style, they thrive in functionality and their price tags are amazing. Here is a website geared only for dorm and apartment inhabitants and they understand our need for reasonably priced items. Plus their shipping is super cheap! This is your one-stop shop for a mattress pad, bedding set, desk lighting, bookshelf, and more!

Remember: if you ever find something you love but don’t want to pay for, you can always find an alternative; I always turn to the do-it-yourself method of madness. I hope this post helped you in your quest for the perfect dorm room!


An Open Letter to Anti-Feminists

Equality; that’s all we ask for–equality. How can you, as a human being, deny the human race the opportunity to embrace equality? How can you allow women to earn only 80 cents to a man’s dollar in this year, 2015? How can you let women in foreign countries be persecuted and killed for having a boyfriend, for loving another woman, for having an affair outside of marriage when their husband has multiple wives to the acceptance of their community, family, and church?

Why is it when boys get tattoos no one cares, but when I got mine, people assumed I got a tramp stamp? Hell, why am I afraid to tell my family members about my tattoo out of fear of judgement when plenty of my male cousins have them? Why is it when teen boys joke or talk about sex they’re either dismissed or praised by peers, but when I comfortably talk about sex, I’m called a slut and rumors are spread about me masturbating in the back of my school classrooms? Why is it that “boys will be boys” but girls, well, girls…are polite and polished, mannerly and humble, soft spoken and modest. Why am I suddenly less of a woman for being loud, comfortable with my body, and having a dirty mouth?

It’s not about the men–it’s not about the f*cking men. It’s about the equality minorities of this world deserve. It’s the women who are inappropriately approached on the streets. It’s the blacks who are called niggers. It’s about the Muslims being spit on and called terrorists. It’s the Mexican immigrants being violently assaulted for “taking our jobs.” It’s about the people who don’t get what they deserve because they’re not represented in our majority.

Feminism isn’t about hating men, it’s about the equality that we need. Sure, we have our radicals or extremists, but doesn’t every political or cultural group? You can’t judge us off our extremists just like you can’t judge Christians off the Ku Klux Klan or Muslims off of Al Quedia. Knowing this, how can you still be anti-feminist–anti-equality–with all the injustice happening to those across the world? Are you just going to turn your head? Are you just going to allow the brutality to continue? Or are you just going to blame feminists? If you want someone to blame, blame society that teaches us that women are pure, men are strong, blacks are gangsters, Mexicans are liars, Asians are brilliant, gays are perverts, Muslims are terrorists, and feminists are a problem.

Why I Chose Not to Go to My Senior Prom

Whenever I mention the fact that I’m not attending my senior year prom, most of my received responses are, “You’re not going to your senior prom?” or, “Why wouldn’t you want to go to prom?” and, “You’ll regret not going to your senior prom.” Given this is the second prom I’ve missed for a total of zero proms attended for my high school career, I don’t feel like I’m missing much.

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