My Top 10 Favorite Podcasts

Have we all gotten older, or have podcasts just become increasingly popular? Either way, podcasts are one of my favorite way to stay entertained while passing time, whether I’m driving, working out (LOL), cleaning, or just needing some free entertainment.

Podcasts have dramatically improved since the first days of podcasting, over ten years ago. Now, there’s multiple podcast platforms you can use to enjoy your favorite show, and most podcasts are available on all platforms across the board. They’re free and entertaining – two aspects that combine beautifully with the busy person. Since I started back on my podcast game a few years ago, I’ve developed my own personal library of my favorite shows, and I wanted to share them with you all today. Let me know your thoughts and your favorite podcasts, so I can make sure to check them out!

Note: All links in this blog will direct you to Apple Podcasts. Most shows are available on Google Play (Android), Spotify, and other platforms.

Favorite Podcasts blog

My Favorite Murder


If you like: true crime, comedy, feminist banter

If you’re a podcast listener and you haven’t heard of My Favorite Murder yet, you are living under a rock. This podcast has taken the world by storm and has popularized true crime and brought it out into the mainstream (which is good for all of us Murderinos out there that have been hiding in our bedrooms for years obsessing over Forensic Files). Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, two Los Angeles based comediennes and actresses, each research a murder every week before presenting it on the show. Paired with their friendly banter, hilarious jokes (not made at the expense of the victims, though!), and true crime stories, this is a podcast that makes a long car ride seem short.

Sexpert w/ Mia Renee


If you like: sex, sexuality, relationships, controversial topics

I’m shamelessly plugging my own podcast here because, why not? Sexpert is actually returning to all its original listening platforms (plus Spotify!) on September 27th, so keep an eye out! Every-other week, my co-host Madison and I discuss a topic pertaining to sex and sexuality. Whether it’s blowjobs, masturbating, birth control or swinging (yes, we’ve discussed this!), we try to take the taboos out of sex in order to help you live a healthier and naughtier life. Go subscribe on Apple Podcasts or you favorite listening platform so you don’t miss out on our re-launch this month!

Thick & Thin


If you like: relationships, lifestyle, nyc

Thick & Thin is probably my new favorite podcast by YouTuber, Katy Bellotte. I’ve been following Katy for roughly 10 years now and really relate with her on many levels. Now that she’s a boss lady living in New York City, she’s kind of living the Carrie Bradshaw dream and is documenting it all (and her thoughts) in podcast form. She only has three episodes up, so now is a great time to start giving it a listen!

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso


If you like: business, feminism

Remember that Netflix Original show, Girlboss, the adaptation of the girl who started her own company in Los Angeles? Well, this is Sophia Amoruso in real form on her very own podcast. In each episode, she interviews a female entrepreneur discussing anything and everything about starting a business as a woman. She’s interviewed both well-known women like Katie Couric, Sarah Jessica Parker and Rupi Kaur as well as lesser-known women who have equally as interesting stories. It’s a great podcast for young entrepreneurs like myself to enjoy as entertainment while also learning a few things about the business world, all while putting my makeup on in the morning.

Unsolved Murders


If you like: true crime, storytelling

Unsolved Murders is another true crime podcast that I’ve recently been enjoying on my long commute to-and-from work. A twist on old-school radio programs, Unsolved Murders tells the story of an infamous unsolved murder (usually released in two-parts over the course of two weeks) through the use of voice actors, music and various sound effects. It makes for an eerie atmosphere and very entertaining story.

Guys We F****d


If you like: sex, feminism, comedy, feminist banter

How could I write a blog while leaving out the two most entertaining female comedians of our time?! Each week, Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson interview previous partners, comedians and popular figures in the sex industry about their life and sexual experiences. It makes for a hilarious, laugh-out-loud form of entertainment that also addresses serious societal issues, focusing specifically on women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights. I find it to be a good blend of seriousness and hilarity that forms a well-rounded podcast perfect for an early morning or long ride.

Haunted Places


If you like: ghost stories, storytelling

Haunted Places, much like Unsolved Murders, tells the story behind the world’s most famous haunted places through old-time radio techniques. Each week, an incredibly vivid and creepy history of famously haunted places is eerily told. This podcast found a special place in my feed when making late-night drives back home from school – I think it’s perfect to listen to while driving in the dark (though sometimes I have to turn my carriage lights on)!

Small Town Murder


If you like: true crime, comedy

Yet another true crime podcast – but this one’s special (I promise). Every week, comedians (are you catching onto a theme here?) James Pietragallo and Jimmy Whisman present the story of a murder that happened in a small town. James, the primary storyteller, gives the history behind the small town discussed in each episode, poking fun at its history, current standings and other small-town clichés, before diving into the murder. Jimmy – who primarily offers comedic comments and questions – and James use their chemistry as friends to create a light-hearted air while also taking into consideration the gravity of the topics they discuss. I enjoy their unapologetic humor and lack of political correctness – and how those two things combined somehow make their stories seem a little less terrible.

Ladies Who Lunch


If you like: feminism, lifestyle, self-help

While this podcast is no longer producing episodes, it still has enough content to enjoy for quite some time. In each episode, hosts Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes discuss various topics such as female sexuality, LGBTQ+ rights and mental health, and how they have related to their own lives. They offer a comfortable atmosphere to talk about things that most of us aren’t very comfortable bringing up around friends. It’s a feel-good and self-help podcast that I highly recommend.

Casefile True Crime


If you like: true crime, sexy Australian accents

I’m going to finish off my Top 10 with a podcast that I actually haven’t listened to in quite a while – but it’s so good that I had to mention it. Casefile is (YET ANOTHER) true crime podcast narrated by an un-named, Australian host who brings listeners an in-depth look at a famous murder in each episode. Using real transcripts and audio, the storytelling and evidence combined make for a captivating true crime podcast, perfect for listeners who can do without side comments and conversation.

Honorable Mentions

Honestly, I listen to waaaayyyy more podcasts than what was listed here, but to give you a list of all the podcasts I’m subscribed to would be cluttered and non-genuine. I did, however, want to include a short list of podcasts that I enjoy to listen to every now and then or find to be a very niche subject. Here are my Honorable Mentions.


(Read clockwise.)

Couples Therapy: Featuring Casey Neistat (YouTube) and his wife Candice (Billy!), this podcast is pretty much what it sounds like – each week, the couple discuss various struggles of their relationship and how that pertains to their long, tumultuous history as well as their day-to-day life. It’s a refreshing podcast that gives a real-world glimpse into the life of a celebrity couple.

Mugglecast: Mugglecast holds a special place in my heart as being the first podcast I ever subscribed to when I was twelve. As suggested, it’s a Harry Potter podcast, and is the best resource for fans to stay updated on all Harry Potter news (this is how I knew about the Fantastic Beasts franchise years before it was announced by mainstream media – hah!).

The Knitmore Girls: Naturally, I’m subscribed to a knitting podcast. I’ve listened to some off-and-on, but I keep coming back to The Knitmore Girls. Hosted by mom and daughter, Gigi and Jasmin, each week they talk knitting and life. It’s kind of hard to describe/make interesting to non-knitters, but I figured I’d put it out there for any of you who might enjoy it!

WDW Prep To Go: Shannon Horton (of produces this fabulous Walt Disney World podcast that brings listeners all of the latest information on the WDW Parks. Essentially, this is a great resource for Disney fanatics to be “in the know” about park updates.

Missing Richard Simmons: This podcast is only a few episodes, but it’s incredibly interesting. In this short series, filmaker and friend of Simmons, Dan Taberski, delves into the mysterious case of Richard Simmons who, in 2014, uncharacteristically cut himself off from the world. The podcast uses real audio clips of interviews with Simmons and friends/family of Simmons. It’s a real-time investigation into the mystery of Missing Richard Simmons.

There was my not-so-super-comprehensive list of favorite podcasts. What do you like listening to? Drop some names in the comments or let me know on Twitter, because I’m always looking to expand my podcast library!


Images Courtesy of: their respective podcasts and production companies / Pexels




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