My Bullet Journal Setup (May)

About a month ago, I stumbled upon bullet journaling, though I don’t really know if that’s the right word for it. I didn’t necessarily stumble upon anything. I knew what bullet journaling was and had known for quite a while, but I had never really taken a serious interest in it…until I stumbled upon that interest. So, I went out, bought a journal and some pens, watched some YouTube videos, and embarked on my journey that all began with a slight stumble. Here’s a look at my bullet journal setup, including my setup for the month of May.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with bullet journaling, it’s basically a minimalist way to journal. It goes off a key that allows you to easily keep track of daily/weekly/monthly tasks. Bullet journaling is great for those that need a specialized planner that fits them 100%.

For the longest time I believed that bullet journaling was a waste of time. After all, who would want to design each and every page of their planner, starting from scratch? Not me! Once I stumbled down the rabbit hole, though, I couldn’t quite find my way back out. I fell in love. And, quite frankly, it takes me a lot less time than I thought it would.

My Journal


For my journal I decided to stick with a standard Moleskine, with dotted pages. Dotted pages are super popular in the bullet journaling community because they allow you to easily arrange things like boxes, lines, words, etc. evenly. They’re also not super noticeable from afar. I’ve found that most bullet journalists either use Moleskine journals or the Leuchtturm1917 which is made specifically for bullet journaling. But with the craze taking off, you can find cute journals with dotted pages almost anywhere. I’m writing with a Pentel Finite.

Contact & Key

My first two pages consist of my contact information and the bullet key for quick reference when I need it.



Next up is my index which is…an index. This is basically a way to keep track of where everything is located in my bullet journal. Obviously, I don’t have much so far, but you get the idea.

Year at a Glance


I’ll be completely honest here, I 100% fucked up this page. That’s why each month is represented with a piece of scrapbook paper. I just taped them down, but I’m still considering going over the page with mod-podge so it’s all smoothed out. Nobody’s perfect, right?

Brain Dump


Pretty self-explanatory, I think.



From here, we being to move into the month of May. You’ll see that my style advances and changes throughout the weeks. I played around with a lot of watercolor for this month.

Monthly Calendar/Tracking Pages


On the first few pages of May, we have my monthly calendar and both my habit and mood tracker. The two trackers were something completely new and different to me, and I loved them! It’s a great visual to see how you stand on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Tracking Pages (cont.)


Here we continue to the rest of my tracking pages — one for my blogs/podcast, and the other for my finances. As you can see, my finance tracker ran quite long this month, so I had to extend it on another sheet of paper. I’ve made my finance tracker two pages for the month of June.

I’ve loved this finance tracker because it’s so simple. You just track each payment you receive or give and why. You put the amount in the “in” or “out” box and then, at the end of the month, you track how much went into your pocket and how much went out. My only struggle with it is it’s easy to lose track of it if you don’t keep up with it on a daily/every-other-day basis. Other than that, it’s great!

Week 1


I’m not really quite sure what my look was for this week, but that’s okay. It was my first round of exams so I had a lot going on anyway. I guess if we had to theme this, it would be like….plant themed.

Week 2


Week 2 is also kind of ???? I was still getting the hang of it. I, again, made some huge boo-boos and you can see the whiteout on the pages from that. I went a little overboard with the watercolor, in my opinion, but it was functional nonetheless.

Week 3


I loooooved this look! This is the week I started writing with pencil first before going back over it with my Pentel. It (obviously) worked to my advantage.

Week 4


This was an okay week. I’m not a big fan of the top, but everything else is pretty cool (and it took me, like, 5 minutes).

Week 5


This week is probably my favorite look thus far. It’s minimalist and clean, but it’s also cute and stylish. I love sketching little sticky notes like the ones shown here to highlight important notes or events.

For reference, I planned the beginning of my month (i.e. the calendar and tracking pages) all at once and planned each week a few days before the start of the new week.

I even went ahead and planned my beginning of June, and I LOVE June’s look. To get a peek into June’s look (blank, before I’ve written in it), subscribe to my June newsletter that will be going out within the next couple of days.

You can also follow me on Pinterest and find me on Instagram for more bullet journaling ideas and inspiration.

Photo Courtesy of: Pexels


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