8 Ways to Have Sex in Your Dorm – Without Being Obnoxious

Episode 013 of Sexpert is all about dorm sex. Now that it’s time for college students to head back to school and buddy up with their roommates, it’s also time to remind them how to have courteous sex in your room if theya have a roommate. This, of course, could pertain to anyone sharing a residence with another person, but dorms happen to be small, and residence halls happen to be full of people, and college students tend to be very, very horny.

1. Ask in advance, if planned or anticipated.

When rooming with someone else, it’s honestly best to plan your sex life out. If you can, ask your roommate a few hours in advance about having the room to yourself for a certain amount of time. This is super important so that your roomie has time to plan an alternative to being in the same room with you while you’re getting some.

2. But let them know if it’s spontaneous.

Some of the best sex is unplanned. If this is the case, still let your roommate know. Fortunately we’re in the age of cell phones and you can shoot them a quick text, instead of putting a sock on your door handle.

3. Wait until they’re not in the dorm.

Just don’t have sex while you’re roommate is still in the 12×12 room you share.

4. Don’t kick them out.

As mentioned previously, it’s important to let your roommate know in advance – and, well, ask them. After all, it’s their room too. Don’t just come back one evening with some stranger and expect your roommate to leave on the whim. They have rights to your room too, so respect those.

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5. Don’t constantly be having sex/hogging the room.

If I could, I would have sex every day, twice a day. Okay, maybe even more than that. When sharing a room with someone, though, you have to keep them in mind. Every time you have sex in your dorm, you’re taking away your roomie’s time in the room. So, if you’re regularly having sex, try to have sex in places other than just your dorm (i.e. your partner’s place).

6. Clean up after yourself.

Sex can be messy. Make sure you clean up. Don’t leave clothes on the floor, stains on the futon, or a weird stank in the air. A nice “thank you” to your roommate for letting you use the room to get laid is having the room straightened up and presentable for them when they get back.

7. Don’t be terribly loud.

There’s such a thing as noise complaints in dorms, and you don’t want your RA knocking on your door in the middle of your shenanigans. Keep your satanic wailing down. You can make this fun by finding sexy ways to be silent (or at least quiet or muffled) during sex: biting your pillow, having your partner’s hand over your mouth, gagging, etc.

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8. Have a game plan if your roommate walks in on you.

Hopefully you’ll never find yourself in a situation where your roommate walks in on you while you’re doing the dirty. If this were to happen, though, make sure you have a game plan in place for how to discuss it after-the-fact. Figure out what happened and how you can prevent it in the future.

Find out more tips and learn more about how to make dorm sex the best sex in the newest episode of Sexpert, live now!

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