14 Valentines



Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (14 days to be exact) and for all you single ladies (like me), I’m sure you’re dreading this holiday. Read more to pick up on my tips to make your Valentine’s Day better.

Valentine’s for Everyone!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for your significant other; it’s for love, people. Celebrate with friends, family, your cat, Netflix, or whatever makes you happy. On the fourteenth, make sure to wish everyone a happy V Day and hand out those cheap little fold-up cards to random people. It’s the kindness that counts.


Pamper yo’self

Go get a mani/pedi, get some coffee with a friend, go see a movie (maybe you should stay away from sappy romances), buy a new outfit. Even though spending money on yourself seems like the best way to achieve happiness, you can find other things to do that don’t require money. Take a relaxing bubble bath, play tug-of-war with your Schnauzer, Face-Time an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while. It’s not all in the money (or the man).


Make your own Valentines (my fave)

I did this last year and I plan on doing this again for 2014. For each day of February up to the fourteenth, write down one good thing that happens to you each day. You can make it boy/girl-related (ex. you received a compliment on your appearance from a hot individual), you can make it optimistic (ex. your dog may have pooped in the kitchen, but he saved you from an extra walk in the freezing weather), or you can just keep it at the grateful level (I had coffee with my good friend Julia today and enjoyed it thoroughly). Remind yourself that you’re life doesn’t suck (that bad).


Those are just three quick tips to make your Valentine’s Day less slushy and more glittery. 


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